How to change your Pokémon Go trainer avatar

You can now change your Pokemon trainer’s clothing, hair style, skin color and even their gender.

Thanks to a recent update you can now change your avatar on Pokemon Go whenever you feel like you need a new look. Before, you could only choose customizations for your character at the start of the game.


In order to alter your trainer’s looks you will need to click the bottom left icon that shows off your trainers face. Once you enter the screen that shows your trainer, level, and statistics, you will need to click the menu button in the bottom right corner. This is the circle with three horizontal bars that should be hovering right over your team logo.

Click that and you will see the tabs “Journal” and “Customize” appear. Click Customize and you will be taken to the character creation menu.
How to change your Pokémon Go trainer avatar

Once here you can alter everything about your character including hair style, hat style, clothing, skin tone, pants style, shoes style and even what type of backpack you’re sporting. You can also change gender if you like.When you’re finished with your new design simply tap the check button at the bottom right to save.
How to change your Pokémon Go trainer avatar

Now you can go capture all of the Pidgeys and Weedles without worrying about being a fashion disaster. And if you want to keep making changes, simply repeat those same steps any time.




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