Download Pokémon Go For Regions Which Are Not Covered Yet


Pokémon GO is now officially available to download on iOS (iPhone) and Android devices in the UK, following its initial rollout in the US, Australia and New Zealand, as well as coming to other European countries like Spain and Italy.
How to download Pokémon Go for iOS and Android
To get the game now without having to fiddle about with any workarounds, just head to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and downloadit to your phone.

However, many regions and countries are still locked out – if this is you, scroll down for instructions on how to download Pokémon GO right now.


Pokémon GO is a new interactive mobile game that combines the traditional features of the Pokémon game, capturing and battling Pokémon, in a real-world setting. The app uses augmented reality to place Pokémon in the real world, which can then be captured by the player. Once captured, the player can train and level up their Pokémon, and challenge other players to battles.


First, open the Settings app, select Apple ID, and sign out. Now head into the General section and select Language & Region. Change the region to the US (or Australia, or New Zealand, or now the UK).

Head into the App Store and search for Pokémon GO, or whichever free app you’re after. Click install, then opt to Create New Apple ID. Note, it’s important you try to download a free app before creating a new Apple ID.

Set up a completely new Apple ID, with a new email address, and when you reach the Billing section select None. Some people have noted that this is missing for them, but this should only happen if you didn’t choose to try and download a free app before creating a new ID.

Next, add a valid local address (Google should be able to fix you up with one) and hey presto, you should now have access to the US App Store. Now you can download Pokémon GO, or any other US-only free app that takes your fancy.

Once complete, you can reverse the process to go back to using the UK app store with no problems.


To get it working on Android, all you need to do is launch this APK download from your mobile and install the game from there.

Since the download isn’t coming from the Google Play Store you may be asked to confirm the installation before Pokémon GO can be launched.

You’ll also probably have to change the setting that allows installations from unknown sources, but the OS should prompt you to do that itself.

The free-to-play mobile game has you catching Pokémon in an augmented reality environment that uses real-world locations.

You even get to create your own character and visit locations such as Gyms and Pokémon Centres.

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