How to Play Pokemon GO Without Moving

Pokémon Go is the hottest topic on the internet from over a month. Pokémon Go hacks, tips, tricks, and cheats have been flooding over the internet. And this post, we present you a trick to play Pokémon Gowithout Going Outside.

How to Play Pokemon GO Without Moving

Nintendo’s new augmented reality game Pokémon Go encourages players to leave the house and explore their environment, and moving around is essentially required if you want to experience it to its fullest. You can catch the Pokémon in your home, neighbor, market, on your school, or anywhere, if you can go there, you can catch a Pokémon there with Pokémon Go. As you walk around, you can discover more creatures, you can battle with other Pokémon trainers, fight for the control of Pokémon Gym locations and catch all of them.

But if you don’t want to walk around or just wish to play the game indoors, you can still capture creatures while playing this game inside your home, school or office.


Get the Best Use of Incense

Pokémon Go has a pretty nice feature called “Incense” which allows you to lure Pokémon. You can get incense at Pokéstops, in the store, or when you level up.

How to Play Pokemon GO Without Moving

Once you have enabled Incense, it emits the mysterious fragrance that attracts creatures. Having been smitten by the fragrance, Pokémon come close to you and get caught in your trap.

When you start off the game, you are given two Incenses. After you have activated Incense, it lasts for 30 minutes. Even if you leave the game, it will continue to go on and get finished after the timeout.

If you don’t have Incense or have already spent it, you can buy it from the shop using Pokécoins. So, make sure to win a lot of Pokécoins while playing the game. You can also buy them via in-app Purchase.

Insert a lure module into a nearby Pokéstop

The second way to play “Pokémon GO” without walking anywhere is to insert a lure module into a nearby Pokéstop. You can get these lures by checking in at Pokéstops, buying them in the store, or when you level up.

You’ll find the lure module in your items bag, and once you reach a Pokéstop, you’ll be able to access it.
How to Play Pokemon GO Without Moving

Basically, a lure module is a more powerful form of incense that attracts Pokémon to your location. Unlike incense, a lure module will be activated for all Pokémon trainers, so you may see quite a few people hanging out at the Pokéstop when one is activated.

Just like incense, a lure module will run for 30 minutes, giving you half an hour of Pokémon catching magic. You’ll know it’s active because you’ll see what look like flower petals falling from the Pokéstop.

How to Play Pokemon GO Without Moving
Other Trick

Some folks attach their iPhone to a drone and then mirror the device’ screen on a computer. As the drone walks around the nearby surroundings, they catch Pokémon from the comfort of their bed. If you don’t want to go outdoors but still want to play the game to your heart’s liking, it can be a good idea as well.

Have fun!



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