Is the Future of Gaming Truly Mobile?

The future of mobile gaming!. In this day and age, the rise of mobile… | by  Kevin Gabeci | DataDrivenInvestor

Smartphones are basically gaming consoles in the hands of people these days. If you’re seated in the back seat of an Uber, on the BART, or a plane headed to the next tech conference, wherever you go… somebody’s playing a game on a mobile device.

And although mobile is undeniably the most commercially profitable platform now, in terms of its craft it remains the lowest deemed, as the pressure of microtransactions robs creative liberty for developers. This disparity adds meaning to the controversy over the future of gaming.

Many telecom companies contribute to mobile gaming. As you will find, there are several reviews about mobile networks that are in one way or the other part of the gaming industry.

So, back to the question- is the future of gaming truly mobile?

In the past decade or so (actually, the past three decades), gaming has been booming, and …


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Every player recognizes that food is hungry at high concentration, whether you’re playing on the console or pc.

Every gamer would most likely agree that the presence of food would eventually follow any game session. Gamers take something available and simple to produce from their refrigerator. This sometimes means that they munch on a sausage, while other times they eat health-conscious bananas.

You can check third-party review sites like Collected.Reviews to see customers’ feedback and have various opinions about stores where to order food from.

Below are 5 snacks to eat while playing your favorite online game:

1.     Pizza

Pizza is one of the country’s greatest products, making it all nicer (except for those suffering from celiac disease). Heck, a conflict that says a lot about the strength of pizza can even cut ties. Order from any nearby shipment and piping hot will be delivered in no time. Pizza is …

The Impact of Generation Z on the Gaming Industry in the UK

Telling the Data Story Behind Video Gaming

How users interact with technological devices is constantly evolving. Depending on which generation they belong to, they will do so in one way or another. 

Currently, minors belong to the so-called ‘ Generation Z ‘, users who have grown up in an environment where the Internet, social networks, and video games are permanently present in society. The age structure of game users has shifted from generation to generation, and Generation Z has become the main user group. Game users are gradually becoming younger.            

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials were born between the 1980s and 1997, and Generation Z began in 1997. That means that Generation Z is in their early 20s at their oldest, putting them at an ideal age for being part of the gaming community – and it also means they’ve been around modern gaming tech since birth.

Video Games and Generation Z

Until recently, online …

What Are the Real Effects of Video Games on a Child’s Development?

10 Positive & Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Video games have major roles to play in the development of children. From developing their communication skills, to helping them focus and a lot of others, their importance cannot be overemphasized.

However, the impacts of video games on children become negative when some control measures are not put in place. Going through, we found out that a lot of children learn through video games. But learning isn’t restricted to just the good things. In this article, we’d be taking you through the major effects of video games on the development of children that you have probably overlooked until now.

Negative Effects

1.       Violence and Aggression:

Video games, especially the violent ones that involve a lot of shooting and killing influences children greatly – and in a negative way. It’s not unusual to find a child holding objects and pretending to shoot. Children are like towels, they absorb …

Are games a form of art?

Gaming Screenshots as an Art Form | Creativeoverflow

When people hear about an artwork, they often think about paintings that are drawn by artists. However, they forget that not only are movies and music among other art but that those who perform them such as the actors and actresses are also artists. There is also a lot of art that goes into the development of games. If you are a game lover and you want to purchase a video game, you should visit US-Reviews to read video games shops reviews in the US to know the right platform to buy from. This article will discuss some of the reasons why games are a form of art.

The graphics

The graphics in most video games are drawn by professional artists. In some cases, they could be drawing of fictitious characters and in other cases, they could be drawings of real-life characters. An example of games where drawings of real-life …