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Are games a form of art?

Gaming Screenshots as an Art Form | Creativeoverflow

When people hear about an artwork, they often think about paintings that are drawn by artists. However, they forget that not only are movies and music among other art but that those who perform them such as the actors and actresses are also artists. There is also a lot of art that goes into the development of games. If you are a game lover and you want to purchase a video game, you should visit US-Reviews to read video games shops reviews in the US to know the right platform to buy from. This article will discuss some of the reasons why games are a form of art.

The graphics

The graphics in most video games are drawn by professional artists. In some cases, they could be drawing of fictitious characters and in other cases, they could be drawings of real-life characters. An example of games where drawings of real-life …

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What are some upcoming video games in the year 2021?

2021 Video Game Release Schedule - Game Informer

You might have bought the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, a gaming PC, or a Nintendo Switch and you are wondering what new games you will be able to use them to play in the year 2021. This article will list some video games that are expected to be released during the year and when they are expected.

  • On January 5 2021, the Cobra Kai Game: The Karate Kid Saga Continues is expected to be released for PC.
  • On January 7 2021, Iron Conflict for PC is expected.
  • On January 14 2021, the MXGP 2020 for PlayStation 5 is expected.
  • On January 14 2021, the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Complete Edition is expected for PC, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.
  • On January 20 2021, Hitman 3 for PC, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 is expected. Another game expected to be
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SYN: Tencent Cyberpunk Themed FPS Game is Ready for Release for PC and Console

Tencent debuts SYN – tech demo for a cyberpunk-themed open-world ...

Looks like Tencent’s step in dominating the game industry market is starting to show its fangs. Because through the annual Tencent Games event, they have just announced one of the newest game lineups with the FPS genre with the theme Cyberpunk with the title SYN. This game itself will be the first game from Tencent Games which will debut on PC and Console. Where in the process of pengarapanya the Tencent surrender to the studio Lighspeed & Quantum which was previously successful with PUBG Mobile.

Interestingly this SYN game will be supported by Unreal Engine and will present a strand based hair system, after which Tencent collaborated with Epic Games

So that the display that will be presented by SYN Games will look so lively and realistic. In the tech demo that was shown at the Tencent Games Annual event, the game that will present the cyberpunk theme in 2035 …

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What Should You Look for in a Gaming Desk? 

What should you look for in a gaming desk? Some people love gaming, but they take no measure and plan when there is gaming.
You may well find a person placing their laptop or monitor on the bed or the floor. There should be a need for a gaming desk for more comfortable gaming.
Your posture is essential when gaming to avoid aching of body muscles. When you open a gaming shop, the first thing people will look for is the space of your room, the weight of the furniture, and the most important thing is the comfort they will have during gaming.

The way you have to arrange your gaming room or office will determine if you will enjoy the game. It is impossible to win a game when you’re in a wrong posture. There should be a rest when you are playing games.

What is a gaming desk?

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Instructions for Throwing a Murder Mystery Party in Auckland

If you wish to create a murder mystery party, you will have a wide array of possibilities that you can choose. The topic and script depend on numerous factors, including the theme, number of guests, and story you wish to implement.

Of course, it is vital to read the instructions that will help you take the proper steps, present props, and guidelines to characters so that you can make an evening that no one will forget.

For instance, when you wish to pick up a theme, it is vital to think about the number of guests you want to invite as well as their interests. That will help you create the perfect outline.

You should answer what books your guests enjoy as well as TV shows and movies that they love to watch. As soon as you determine your interests, you can create everyday things that most guests share.

It …