Disney Lorcana is a new trading card game that teams up different Disney characters in a Magic: The Gathering-style battle, and it’s set to launch toward the end of 2023.

Along with being “rooted in the magic of Disney characters and storytelling”, the press release notes that this game is accessible for newcomers while still providing “thoughtful” gameplay where veterans of the best card games are concerned. Disney Lorcana will also feature “more original Disney artwork than any other single product ever created” according to the vice president of Disney product design.

Although nothing has been revealed about Lorcana’s mechanics just yet, the setup sounds more than a little reminiscent of MTG – especially with the inclusion of several elemental colors in the game’s logo. Taking place in a world called ‘the Great Illuminary’ where every Disney song and story is stored, players become sorcerers known as Illumineers that can

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A new Avatar: The Last Airbender console game called Quest for Balance is apparently in development, after various versions of it appeared on Amazon Japan listings.

As reported by Nintendo Everythinga Nintendo Switch version of the game has been listed on the website with a November 8 release date. Listings for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One versions can also be found, implying that Quest for Balance will be a console game released across most platforms.

The listings on Amazon Japan are for an imported English version, meaning the game will seem to be released with a North American audience in mind, and while storefront release dates are subject to change, November 8 is an unusually specific date for a placeholder.

Quest for Balance is apparently being published by Game Mill Entertainment, the company behind several Nickelodeon tie-in games such as Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Nickelodeon Kart Racers.

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squid game season 2

Netflix has seen its fair share of ups and downs regarding the streaming wars still ongoing in American households. With the news that Disney+ has brought in more subscribers recently to its streaming platform, Netflix has been dethroned as the top tier of streaming providers. Disney’s great fortune is primarily due to its partnerships with Hulu, the Star Wars franchise, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For Netflix, the streamer has had to make do with its own brand of original content, and in 2021, it looked to its global audience to help further its reach by adopting new subscribers. One series, in particular, Squid Gamesbecame a hit for Netflix, and its upcoming season 2 may introduce fans to a whole new set of deadly games.

According to an interview series star O Yeong-su gave to Discussing Film, Squid Games season

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PS Plus Premium PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Updates: We wrote in our original article on PS Plus Premium (and PS Plus Deluxe) that it’s possible Sony may have some surprises in store for its highest membership tier, but the catalog of All PS Plus Games for PS Plus Extra has refreshed today – and there are no additional games for those podding out for PS Plus Premium. That means there are zero extra PS3, PSP, PS2, or PS1 games.

As we mentioned below, Sony may see the value in PS Plus Premium as cloud streaming, but it’s clear from the comments and our own observations that many members are subscribed for the classic games. For the refreshed service to not offer any additional perks in only its second month is extremely poor. No one would accept this if PS Plus Essential effectively took a month off, which is what has happened here.

Original Articles: PS Plus

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Train Valley 2

Developers: Garden Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Simulation

Train Valley 2

This train tycoon puzzle game tasks players with making their railroad company thrive while they try their best to meet the demands of the city around them. Players will have to build railroads, expand their vehicles and make sure things are running as scheduled.

The game features elements of micromanagement along with a charming low-poly aesthetic. The new Company Mode consists of 50 levels, while the Level Editor lets players tinker around with more than 1500 levels generated by other like-minded individuals.




Developers: 433

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: RPG


This fantasy RPG features gorgeous anime-style visuals and a host of colorful heroes players can collect. The game also boasts heartfelt narratives along with 3D cinematic scenes and skill animations that help with player immersion.

There are more than 40 characters to collect,

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Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers will be able to download and play the classic 1996 Nintendo 64 video game Wave Race 64 later this week. If you are not familiar, Wave Race 64 is basically what it sounds like: a racing game using watercraft like jet skis and even dolphins to see who can zoom around a track the fastest.

more specifically, Wave Race 64 is set to release for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers on August 19th. The version on the Nintendo Switch subscription service includes Championship Mode, Time Trials, Stunt Mode, and 2P VS. Mode. It does not appear that Wave Race 64 will include any major enhancements, but it will have nine total courses that change with the weather. You can check out the official announcement of Wave Race 64 for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers for

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