5 Best Budget Wireless Mouse 2017!


Those in the market for wireless mice have a higher interest in devices that join both function and exceptional form. Today’s computer mice are very high tech, using several technologies for cross platform use. For notebooks, desktops and now even tablets, these mice need to be able to hold up to standards that are connectivity, manual interaction, scrolling and handling, yet all with nominal difficulty on the part of the user.

 Businesses work challenging to design products that delivers not only these basic demands, but that also push at the limits of what’s usually expected of this computing staple. Keeping costs down, adding extended warranties and engineering years of battery life are part and parcel of what consumers are searching for in a wireless mouse. Consumers are hence quite regularly searching for a deal, and also the most effective budget wireless mice which could serve them well and consistently. That being said, let’s take a peek at the very best of the bunch and they compare.

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Best Budget Wireless Mouse 2017 – Reviews

1.       Logitech Marathon Mouse M705

That is not necessarily to its detriment, while the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 will not attempt to redefine the genre. The glossy, practical layout is helped by means of a three-year consistent power supply on only one set of batteries. This type of power- sipping power supply will probably outlast the exterior paint.

It’s an easy to use, trouble free apparatus that won’t add to the problems many other technology apparatus causes. Logitech has long been understood for designing devices that get the task done with only small complication; that trend is continued by the M705. All of the user needs to do is put the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver into any device’s the setup as well as USB port is complete. You’ll be able to add more devices if wanted.

As for price, you may get one for under $30 at a discount. It’s Hyper rapid scrolling that enables you to peruse through plenty of info for example photo files, documents, and webpages. The well-sculpted mouse is designed for the right hand in a ergonomic way.

Users who love this mouse praise its speed and relaxation. If you do find that the mouse is a bit too heavy for you personally, you also have the possibility of using only one AA battery to use it.


  • Exceptionally long battery life before batteries need replacement.
  • Ability to function with just one battery.
  • Comes bundled with the Logitech Unifying Receiver, which may operate with other Logitech wireless devices.


  • Restricted only to notebook and desktop computer devices.

2.       HP x4000b Bluetooth Mouse

Don’t let you are fooled by the sleek, yet simple layout of the HP x4000b Bluetooth Mouse. This device is ready for take-off.

If space ship captains used demanded peripherals, this might be their go to choose. The x4000b offers a number of the finest that wireless mice need to give. The exact laser detector functions well on most surfaces with all the Blissful Bluetooth connection. Gamers will find that it allows them to make the right moves at the time that is correct and not need to worry about losing any connectivity. At about 4.3 oz, this 4.2” x 2.2” x 1.5” mouse is light to the touch. Its mandatory 2 AA batteries, however, do add a little undesired weight.

Because the x4000b is a Bluetooth-enabled peripheral, it works with even Samsung Galaxy Note III smart phones or many devices, such as for instance Android tablet computers. Most difficulties that do exist with the mouse are minimal and routine to the usage of such apparatus. Because it really is a radio receiver, and hence a Bluetooth device, it will lose some connectivity from time to time if there’s interference from other devices of a similar nature. Avoidance of other radio transmissions is proposed.

The x4000b is built with productivity in your mind, and works with most newer operating systems. But if you should be still running Windows XP or earlier versions of the Windows applications, you may be out of luck. This device likewise includes a very limited, 1-year warranty. At around $25.00, that’s to be anticipated, but not desired.

The consumer reply to this wireless mouse are overwhelmingly in favor, so the little glitches that happen aren’t significant barriers to utilization. There are plenty of newsgroups and support choices pertaining to the brand, as well as the thing to watch out for is like with some other wireless mouse: compatibility with hardware or certain software. Which is rare, you’ll fast find a solution if they crop up.


  • Great for gaming and also the office.
  • Lightweight and long lasting.
  • Can be used in combination with tablet computers and some smart phones.


  • Potential for connection operating systems before Windows 7.
  • Does not operate with Windows loss due to radio interferences from some other device

3.       Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

If there’s one thing you can consistently count on, it’s this: Logitech enjoys mice. The Logitech M510 has the glossy contour shape that fits like a glove. It allows for a sound grip, and simplicity. It has soft rubber grips for relaxation, backward and forward buttons with side zoom, in addition to side scrolling. It boasts a 2-year battery life and a seemingly Logitech-normal 3-year limited hardware warranty.

For quicker use, you’ll need the Logitech Set Point software.

 That it works on Chrome OS gives this apparatus a particular edge over a lot of its own competitors, as it could work with the popular Chromebook niche.

This wireless mouse has an air of modernity and sophistication. Gamers will go ape over precise laser scrolling and the smooth, elective button use, and other features. Whether you’re editing that term paper, putting together a graphics package for the job, or shooting radioactive zombies down, this mouse will allow one to perform jobs on the fly.

The fundamental specs are 4.4” x 2.5” x 1.8” and a relatively ample 6.6 ounce. As a full-sized mouse, this device is made to be a standard workhorse.


Two-year battery life •.

  • Packages together with the Logitech Unifying Receiver.
  • Works with Chromebooks.


  • Does not come with a CD-ROM for driver installation, therefore an internet connection will be required if you experience driver errors.

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4.       Anker C200 Wireless Mouse

In the event you discover yourself married to your computer, search no farther than this. The Anker C200 comes with all of the bells and whistles that you’ll have to keep that human-computer relationship going long term. The Anker C200 has infrared technology that allows for smooth tracking over a wide range of surfaces, a small USB receiver that takes up minimal space when attached to your own pc, and 2000 DPI with 3 adjustable degrees of 1000, 1500 and 2000 that function just fine with high volume data manipulation and gaming. It also has both Next/Previous buttons that allow for simple internet browsing.

Inside the package, you’ve got the Anker 2.4G High Precision Wireless Mouse, instructions manual, an 18-month guarantee, and free lifetime technical support. The one AA battery needed seriously to power the device is not included.

The C200 also sports three-speed tracking using a DPI shifting button that permits you to switch involving the three tracking speeds. This power station is well balanced to get a wide selection of jobs.

 But, the two thumb buttons won’t be recognized on the Mac OS X.

 Sadly, that small size may not be valuable for all those with bigger hands. Customers across the board give the thumbs up for comfort and function to this mouse. For a wireless mouse it’s good, although its size might be questionable. You might need certainly to adjust cursor speed.


  • Incredibly ergonomic and lightweight design.
  • Really low price.
  • Works with older and newer operating systems.


  • May be too little for several users to comfortably utilize.

5.      Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

While the name might suggest at an impressive design, the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse has an almost satirically structure that is straightforward. The apparatus has a design that is compact, with a 4-way scroll wheel for navigational directions right, down, left, and up. That uncomplicated layout mentioned earlier does well for ambidexterity, opening up this peripheral for both left- and right-handed users. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse includes a miniature transceiver for the USB port on your own computer, for easily reaching the Windows Start display, and the Windows button.

In addition, the BlueTrack technology built into the device allows for functionality on almost any surface. In reality, by design it works on all but mirrored or clear glass surfaces. For Windows users on the go, this is a genuine work of art.

The dimensions on this particular mouse are 3.8” x 2.2” x 1.6”. It requires just 1 AA battery that is included.

Of all mice reviewed here, that is the only that’s designed specifically for Microsoft Windows. As it can’t be used with every other operating system beyond Windows to that end, the apparatus comes with serious constraints. Really, the mouse only works with Windows 7 and previously, together with Windows RT. This may be a draw; for all others, you may have to look elsewhere.


  • Reasonably lightweight design. For quicker Windows operating system interface,
  • Includes a Windows button.


  • Works only with Windows operating systems, and just Windows 7 or above.

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