Instructions for Throwing a Murder Mystery Party in Auckland

If you wish to create a murder mystery party, you will have a wide array of possibilities that you can choose. The topic and script depend on numerous factors, including the theme, number of guests, and story you wish to implement.

Of course, it is vital to read the instructions that will help you take the proper steps, present props, and guidelines to characters so that you can make an evening that no one will forget.

For instance, when you wish to pick up a theme, it is vital to think about the number of guests you want to invite as well as their interests. That will help you create the perfect outline.

You should answer what books your guests enjoy as well as TV shows and movies that they love to watch. As soon as you determine your interests, you can create everyday things that most guests share.

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We recommend you avoid adding ideas that will affect all guests that you wish to invite, while you should choose the proper theme that will everyone enjoy.

The Process of Writing a Story

You can find numerous online templates that will help you create an outline. At the same time, using these outlines will help you prepare the proper script so that you can reduce the time spent overthinking and creating the perfect one.

In case you wish to be creative and save money along the way, you can also write a unique story, which can be both fun and perfect for your guests. Generally, we can differentiate two types of stories that you can consider, including free play and scripted play.

If you wish to enjoy scripted MMP, the idea is that you create a script that guests will use during the night. Therefore, you need to write entire dialogues as well as action, which can be time-consuming.

That will also create a fast-paced game to make sure that everyone is enjoying it. On the other hand, you can use free play without the scrip, which will require improvisation from your guests.

Of course, you should create an outline that will help them as well as acting and speaking props, but the guests can act based on their ideas that involve each particular character.

This is a perfect solution if you wish to make an enjoyable game in which everyone will use creativity in combination with the freedom to solve the mystery.

The story for MMP can include detailed information that you can implement to present everyone what you had in mind. However, everything has to be connected with the proper solution that will prove exciting and enjoyable.

You can add false accusations, red herrings as well as other shreds of evidence that will serve a story.

Remember that guests can easily be discouraged and confused if you neglect a particular element of the story, which means that you should implement only things that will help them solve the case.

It is much better to make everything simpler than to create a complex outline that no one can understand. If you wish to create a unique murder story, you should follow these elements during the process:

  • Introduction – During the presentation, you should present to everyone the characters that they should act. We recommend you to implement the context and necessary information about the murder and each character.
  • Description Cards – Since each character is unique, you should add a small biography including characteristics, occupation, clues about the murder as well as connection to other characters or guests. These clues and context serve as the start for the mystery questioning that will happen next.
  • Evidence – You should add the evidence description cards while the game exceeds so that you can simplify the entire process and allow them to connect with their character and other guests as well.

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Rules That Everyone Should Follow

The best way to reduce a hassle for the entire process is to stay in character. The main reason for that is that you will create an additional enjoyment for all aspects that are playing with you.

If you are a host, you will be able to encourage others by being the character you created for yourself. It means that you can get a different accent, use props such as shoulder parrot or cigar, and talk with others by using their character names instead of real ones.

The idea is to create a scene in which everything surrounded by you will affect the story you created and the situation you wish to present to others.

Therefore, the food, decorations, the interior design should depend on the story as well as characters and other factors within the story.

One of the best ways to avoid someone from your group from breaking the character is to create a negative penalty if that happens. For instance, someone can put a dollar in a jar each time he/she breaks from it, which will reduce the possibility of doing it.

Another important rule is to follow the entire script. Even if it outlines, you should provide the confidential info that characters can share based on the particular time in the game.

Props and Costumes

Finally, you should create proper costumes so that everyone can enter the character much more comfortable than without it. You can implement accessories for each guest, or bring the one on your own depending on preferences of murder mystery party in Auckland you want to create.

The best way to create props is to develop proper items that each character should wear in the form of accessory that makes them unique. We are talking about props such as sack with the character’s name, or cigarette, parrot, or something completely different.

Another way is to tell each guest to bring their props. That will personalize the game and allow them to stay in character much more comfortable than before.

While inviting them, you should tell them about the requirements and characters they should have, especially if you do not want to make the random selection.

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