New Disney Lorcana card game is coming for Pokemon and Magic

Disney Lorcana is a new trading card game that teams up different Disney characters in a Magic: The Gathering-style battle, and it’s set to launch toward the end of 2023.

Along with being “rooted in the magic of Disney characters and storytelling”, the press release notes that this game is accessible for newcomers while still providing “thoughtful” gameplay where veterans of the best card games are concerned. Disney Lorcana will also feature “more original Disney artwork than any other single product ever created” according to the vice president of Disney product design.

Although nothing has been revealed about Lorcana’s mechanics just yet, the setup sounds more than a little reminiscent of MTG – especially with the inclusion of several elemental colors in the game’s logo. Taking place in a world called ‘the Great Illuminary’ where every Disney song and story is stored, players become sorcerers known as Illumineers that can band together with characters from across franchises. Some of these heroes (or villains, for that matter) are set to be revealed at the D23 expo between September 9 and 11.

However, don’t assume you’ll be commanding icons from Disney-owned properties such as Marvel and Star Wars just yet. The announcement makes it clear that this is a collaboration between Disney Villainous publisher Ravensburger and Walt Disney Animation Studios (the team behind classic movies like The Lion King and more recent hits including Encanto, Moana, and Frozen). In other words, Pixar and the rest seem to be off the table for now. We’ve reached out to Ravensburger for clarification on this subject and will update our story if we hear any more, but it’s safe to assume Iron Man’s sitting this one out.

The only Disney Lorcana artwork we have right now is of what we assume is ‘the Great Illuminary’ (Image credit: Ravensburger)

Regardless, the team is dreaming big with Disney Lorcana. Ravensburger North America CEO and global head of games Filip Francke says it’s “the result of the powerful alchemy of Disney magic, Ravensburger game excellence, and several years of dedicated work and investment. This potent combination has poised Disney Lorcana to be a game-changer in the billion-dollar-plus trading card game market”. Because that market is dominated by MTG and the Pokemon Trading Card Game (which has had the family-friendly angle sealed up tight for the past 20+ years), this newcomer is up against stiff competition. It hopes to level the playing field with “four new card set releases each year as well as a robust organized play program”.

We’ll be able to find out more during D23 in a few days, but if nothing else, Lorcana might be worth keeping an eye on for future Disney gifts.

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