10 Characters The Best Treasure Hunter In Game

Hasil gambar untuk tokoh tokoh game mencari harta karun

When we were little, pretending to be treasure hunters, and making our own treasure map was an exciting thing. Then as adults, we know that to search for treasure is not an easy matter, one that can release the “longing” looking for treasure in childhood is playing games.

Game with a treasure hunt mission is a pretty exciting game. Not only because of curiosity to see what the treasure looks like at the end of the story, but also how the intelligence and shrewdness of the treasure hunter undergoes his adventure to get the treasure he is looking for. Then who are the best treasure hunters in the game? Here are 10 characters of the best treasure hunters in the game that you must know.

  • Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series)

Who is not familiar with this one character. Nathan Drake is a world-renowned treasure hunter. It is part of the Uncharted Series game. Nathan is a complete character, from shooting, climbing, parkour, reading secret codes, and so on. Nathan Drake became one of the best treasure hunters in the gaming world.

  • Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series)

this legendary character is definitely obliged to enter into the list of the best Treasure Hunter Characters in the game. Lara Croft is arguably one of the founders of a treasure hunter character. Like Nathan Drake, this character has an above average martial ability, reading codes, and other survival skills.

  • Scrooge Duck (DuckTales)

Scrooge is the brother of Donald Duck, maybe you do not know with this character. But what if in Indonesian, the name of this character is Uncle Scrooge. Ring a bell? Uncle Scrooge or the Scrooge Duck is also a treasure hunter he even crowned as the richest duck in the world. In his game entitled DuckTales, he has to go through several obstacles, defeat the enemy, and break the code to get his treasure. But essentially Scroog’s uncle, with his stingy nature

  • Pitfall Harry (Pitfall Series)

Pitfall Harry is a protagonist in the Pitfall Series game. He is a selfish, arrogant, sarcastic, and always selfish treasure hunter who will be easily favored by many of the women he meets. Impressed kinda shit huh? But that’s Harry’s Pitfall. Even so, his ability as a treasure hunter can not be denied. Game Pitfall itself has been around since 1982 for several platforms, from start Atari in some series, and Apple II.


  • john Sanders (Dive: The Medes Islands Secret)

The Wii console once had a pretty interesting game of treasure hunters. If most treasure hunters will roam on land, and possibly also sea and air, this one game is different. With his character, the dive expert named John Sanders will be looking for treasure under the sea. In this game your obstacles are hard-to-reach places and dangerous fish like Sharks, or other poisonous fish. John Sanders became one of the treasure hunters who emerged with a “form” of treasure searches that differed from others.

  • Wario (Wario Land Series)

Do you know who this is? Wario is actually one of Mario’s bitter enemies. Wario is also one of the characters treasure hunters in the gaming world. In the game Wario Land Series, Wario may be more worthy to be called a treasure thief than a treasure seeker. The reason Wario get all his property in evil ways. It might be said that Wario is the only evil treasure hunter character on this list. Concerning intelligence, do not ask, Wario is more concerned with strength than intelligence.

  • Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)

Rouge the Bat is one of the characters in the Sonic Hedgehog game. This character is a jewelry thief as well as a government secret agent. In addition to these two jobs, Rouge the Bat is also a freelance treasure hunter. This character has a weakness when it meets with gems. Concerning ability, Rouge is like most government secret agents, has the ability to infiltrate, and fight a strong enough.

  • Spelunky Guy (Spelunky)

Spelunky Guy is one of the 4 main characters in the Spelunky game. This figure is like most treasure hunters, venturing into the caves in the desert to get the treasure he was looking for. The game itself is a rogue-like platformer game and has been released since 2008 for the PS4 platform, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, and PC.

  • Alundra (Alundra)

Alundra is the main character in the game of the same name, the Alundra. this character may be the only treasure hunter who possesses more power than ordinary people.  can enter into the dreams of others. his initially was an adventurer who then stranded in a village that was struck by a disaster where the villagers are always having nightmares. With his ability, he sought to save the villagers. Then where is his treasure hunting adventure? Before being stranded in the village, he is part of a treasure hunt team.

  • Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Series)

If this one name should be all you know. Because this name is very popular especially in the movie. Perhaps many do not know that Indiana Jones also has a lot of game franchises ranging from realists, to Lego. As in the film, this iconic figure has many abilities to find treasures. Almost in every series, always new adventures arise with new obstacles that pass.

That was 10 characters of the best treasure hunters in the game. Indeed can not dibadingkan which is better because all the characters have their own gameplay and have their own story. So, are you any other treasure hunter character who has not been on this list yet? If there please leave it in the comments.

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