Benefits of playing games in free time

5+ Benefits of Playing Games for Health, Brain and According to Experts

The benefits of playing games for ourselves or according to the health of our bodies. Not infrequently now many have often played games to keep themselves busy when they are free. Playing games has benefits for our brain. Here are some of the benefits of playing games for ourselves.

The advantages of playing games will provide stimulation in the form of brain intelligence. Smart here is intended for users of strategy games. This game will hone your brain and logic in determining what mission to complete. Therefore we get the knowledge in mission strategies to defeat opponents. That is one of the benefits of playing games.

Games are divided into 2 types, namely, offline and online games. Both have different characters. But on the other hand it has benefits that tend to be the same because both have the advantage of free time.

Games help us in free time, such as going home from school, going home from work or taking a break. If the activity is only filled with negative things, it will definitely make our brain work negatively. Therefore, we will immediately take a smartphone to play games and find its own benefits in the game.

Benefits of playing games in free time.

There have been many articles discussing the benefits of playing games. This game also has different levels according to the level of each game. So many benefits of playing games for health, our minds, and so on. For that I will share just a few about the benefits of playing games in my spare time.

Fill in Leisure Time

One of his spare time is the benefits that are felt in us. How not, playing games will make us feel like they are entering the game world because they are so nervous in conquering their opponents.

But you need to know, that it is permissible to play games in using them, but you must be wiser to be able to manage time to play games so you can get the benefits and benefits of playing games.

  1. Sharpening the Right Brain

Sharpen the mind not only when we learn, but you can hone when playing games. Then what games make our brains sharpened sharply? War games, strategies and games that require other thoughts.

By playing the game we can hone the brain only in playing games. Actually all games can be used as brain teasers, depending on whether you want or not in solving a mission.

Our brain is divided into 2 main parts, the right brain will work when our logic is used to solve an impending problem. Therefore, if you want a game, choose a game that has a logic mission such as war games and strategies.

Can the legendary mobile game also hone our brains? Yes, because this game must have a powerful war strategy to conquer the opponent.

  1. Have Many New Friends

Increasing friends in a game can be done in chat features. With this feature we can get many online game friends. The more friends, the more friends will be invited to play together.

What’s more if you join a community whose contents are your favorite game players. The community can be found on Facebook. In the FB community, there will be many new friends and you can even get thousands of friends.

  1. Getting a Life Partner

Do you often see news that a person gets his life partner through online games? many mass media have reported this, that there are married couples based on their favorite game friends. It can’t be denied anymore, many have experienced it out there.

You definitely want to get a life partner with a game player? This is one of the happiest benefits in the world of gamers. How not, they can get their partner only in the online game sparing.

  1. Smart English

Generally English is used in online and offline games. Therefore you who want to use or click on a menu or character and item then you want or not have to translate to understand that the meaning of the language is the right word to click or not.

  1. Will have a cheerful nature

cheerful nature will arise when we are happy to do our activities and succeed in defeating the opponent. Therefore you can get these properties.


You can play the game at will, but remember that you have to set the time for your game. It does not mean playing games over and over, not that, it actually causes harm to ourselves. Not getting the benefit of playing a game but getting a blow from your mother or father. So my advice is to play games, as long as you remember your effective time.

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