SCUM cheats you can find online

Multiplayer open-world survival game SCUM has harsh conditions in which you have to survive with many obstacles in front of you. Also, you can play single player. You need to adjust base level needs with skills you have to handle everything from metabolic rate, nourishment, also, body mass to weapons proficiency, security systems hacking, and combat style. When a game has so many details we tend to make it easier with some cheats.

Cheats have been used when first games came to the scene, so as the games became complex also the cheats followed. There hacks for every game you can play and that also implies for SCUM. You can expect from SCUM hack to have many details because the game is very complex, so you will need more than one cheat to actually be called a cheater.

About SCUM

SCUM is a very instinctive game. Gamepires, the developer, has gone to remarkable lengths to account for reality when it comes to character management. You check everything from heart rate, strength, stamina and many other details about your character. There are cheats you can use to skin hunger and get infinite health.

It is a very new game, and it is become more popular from day to day, with over 60 000 players on weekends. Because of such popularity the engineering team had a hard time to cope with cheaters. Just a couple of days from the release you could find hack you can use to make the game easier.

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Cheats usually include aimbot with visibility checks, custom keybind, draw aimbot FOV, also ESP where you will see the distance between players, their name and how strong they are. There are also those extreme cheats that you can notice right away like speed hack, infinite health, no recoil, or even teleport.


From the release of the game, two patches have arrived for players in the past couple of days to address different issues. Maybe most importantly, they added the anti-cheat. And that is very important for every online game especially in the beginning when players discover different ways to skip corners. Server commands for admins are also added, for the people that have their own SCUM servers, also server browsers have been improved with searches and filters.

Those darn sentinels that were showing tough to survive are nerfed in the first patch yet buffed in the second patch. Now they will be more accurate with their shooting, so much luck infiltrating hidden bunkers. Respawn rates for animals were also increased which great news for people that are bored of eating other people. A great thing they added is that the bulletproof vest has eight slots, and we know the slots are very important in the game. Read more on this link.

These anti-cheat programs and admins who are looking for cheaters can also be bypassed if you are careful. Some major hacks like speed hack or no recoil can easily be noticed, so you can’t use them, but aimbot and some simple hacks can be used unnoticed.

Using cheats

The cheats will allow you to avoid all of the hard work of trying to collect supplies and stay alive in the survival area of the game. That means you don’t need to starve or play slowly and carefully because little things matter in these types of games. So, you can just get a cheat and skip everything that you think is wasting your time.

There isn’t any special meaning behind using cheats unless you just hate being worse than others, or you have fun, pretty much, destroying other players. There are consequences when you get caught, and some of them mean that you can’t play the game ever again on the IP address you logged in. Because the game just started, the reviews are different, but you need to have in mind that every game in the start isn’t perfect, so the rating will for sure go up when they fix some of the issues.

There are already many players that are using cheats in SCUM, so you wouldn’t be the first one or the last because there will always be a way to cheat.

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