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When people hear about an artwork, they often think about paintings that are drawn by artists. However, they forget that not only are movies and music among other art but that those who perform them such as the actors and actresses are also artists. There is also a lot of art that goes into the development of games. If you are a game lover and you want to purchase a video game, you should visit US-Reviews to read video games shops reviews in the US to know the right platform to buy from. This article will discuss some of the reasons why games are a form of art.

The graphics

The graphics in most video games are drawn by professional artists. In some cases, they could be drawing of fictitious characters and in other cases, they could be drawings of real-life characters. An example of games where drawings of real-life characters are used is football games. Hence, it entails the actual art of drawing the characters in the game is a form of artwork in itself.

Considering that the drawings are always complicated and for animation, different views of a character have to be drawn as would be needed based on the actions they will be carrying out when the game is being played. Hence, games require more advanced artwork than normal paintings and most other types of artwork where only a single view of the drawing is needed.


Animation is another part of games that requires some form of artistic skills. Animating simply means adding life to objects, thereby giving them the ability to move and carry out actions. Knowing what moves a character would take and making the character make those moves based on the button pressed is another form of art. In most cases, games are like cartoons. It is only that in the case of cartoons, you just watch, while for games, you control the movement of the characters and what happens in the game.


Telling stories is also a form of art and one that is very paramount in games. Your game should not only have a storyline but it should also have a very interesting storyline that should be able to captivate the players. The players should enjoy your storyline so much that they want to get to the end and even after getting to the end, they are willing to play the story over and over. If you also announce a sequel or an update or upgrade to the game, they should also be willing to invest in the new upgrade of the game.


Music is a form of art and same with other complementary sounds that are added to a game. The sounds must fit the genre of the game and also reflect what is going on in that part of the game. Hence, the art of using the right sound for your game is also a form of art that contributes to making games a form of art.

Considering that all the different parts of the games listed here as what makes games to be a form of art are a form of art on their own, it can be said that a game is not just a form of art but a combination of various forms of art.

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