This game has several Mobile Legend rank. This rating shows the player’s skill level and experience in playing Mobile Legends. The higher the level, the more difficult the competition and the higher the skill level required to win the match. To find out what are the rank levels, let’s look at the discussion below.


Warriors in the Mobile Legends game are one of eight levels in ranked game mode. The first time you play Mobile Legend, maybe you will find a Rank Warrior.
You can achieve this first rank after entering level 8 and having 5 heroes that you have purchased. Players who are at Warrior usually have pretty good abilities in playing Mobile Legends, but still need to improve their strategies and skills to rise to a higher ranked.

2. Elite

Elite is above the Warrior and below the Master. Players who are in Elite usually have better abilities in playing Mobile Legends compared to players who are in Warrior.
To reach Elite, the player must win a certain number of matches and earn enough points. Each victory will give different points depending on the player’s performance in the match.

3. Master

After Elite, you will enter Master. In terms of levels, Masters start from Master IV to Master I with 4 stars.

4. Grandmaster

Players who are at Grandmaster usually have better abilities in playing Mobile Legends compared to players who are at Master or below. The levels start from Grandmaster V to Grandmaster I.
At this level, it’s usually novice Mobile Legend players who have a hard time getting to Epic. Usually you will also find players from Epic dropping back at this level.

5. Epic

Epic is a challenging rank because here you will start with the Draft Pick system. In this section, you will also start getting rid of 6 heroes in one match.
Epic starts from Epic V to Epic I. You need 5 stars to get to the next level.

6. Legend

Legend is a Mobile Legend rank that is filled by great players. At this level, you will usually play with a team that is quite stable and reliable compared to the previous levels.
Starting from Legends V to Legends I. It takes 5 stars to enter the next ranking, namely Mythic.

7. Mythic

This rank starts from Mythic V to Mythic I with an assessment in the form of Mythic Points. If you have reached this level, players don’t need to worry about going down in rank to the previous rank, namely Legend.

8. Glorious Mythic

The Glorious Mythic rank is the highest rank in the Mobile Legend game. To reach the Glorious Mythic Rank, you need to have points above 600.

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