SYN: Tencent Cyberpunk Themed FPS Game is Ready for Release for PC and Console

Looks like Tencent’s step in dominating the game industry market is starting to show its fangs. Because through the annual Tencent Games event, they have just announced one of the newest game lineups with the FPS genre with the theme Cyberpunk with the title SYN. This game itself will be the first game from Tencent Games which will debut on PC and Console. Where in the process of pengarapanya the Tencent surrender to the studio Lighspeed & Quantum which was previously successful with PUBG Mobile.

Interestingly this SYN game will be supported by Unreal Engine and will present a strand based hair system, after which Tencent collaborated with Epic Games

So that the display that will be presented by SYN Games will look so lively and realistic. In the tech demo that was shown at the Tencent Games Annual event, the game that will present the cyberpunk theme in 2035 had a chance to share some important details of the game. Among them, you will be given the freedom to choose 3 factions consisting of, Anarchy, Enfocers, and Motorheads. Where each faction will have a cybernetic pet which and will have different uniqueness and abilities.

The game which is said to be carrying the world of Open World will later provide various freedom of customization both of the characters you use, pets, and vehicles in the game

Considering the SYN game itself is still in the developer stage, when it is released later it is likely that this game will have a more stunning appearance.

Of course, with the release of SYN is Tencent’s first step in dominating the gaming industry, after previously only focusing on the mobile game industry. Let’s just wait as to what Tencent’s debut will be on PC and Console through the Cyberpunk-themed FPS game, SYN.

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