Word Games

Addiction Experts Say Video Games Not An Addiction

Word GamesOkay so I saw many 5 letter phrase video games floating around in The Sandpit but lets face it 5 letter words are straightforward – actual easy !

Ask students to attract round their hand (right or left). Have them decide and make a listing of 12-20 phrases (you need to use your personal variety of phrases) from the glossary and consider their definitions. Get them to write down these phrases in their hand” and change the arms”. I have not heard of the Farmers Brown Cat sport, although we used to play word tennis, where you say a phrase and the subsequent individual says a phrase beginning with the last letter of the primary phrase (eg lemon, night, tangerine…) Voted attention-grabbing! Suzanne, That can be a fun game too, Word Tennis. May have to do this one on my next lengthy automobile ride. Players make as many words as …