Eggs and Hatching in Pokémon Go

Eggs and Hatching in Pokémon Go

Most eggs take between two to five kilometers to hatch.

In Pokémon Go, you can often find Eggs in the wild, by interacting with PokéStops to find free items.

There are different kinds of Pokémon Eggs which can hatch into numerous Pokémon, but to hatch them you’ll have to do a bit of work. Each player will start with one Egg Incubator, which allows you to hatch an egg after a certain amount of steps are taken, tracked by your phone’s GPS and Pedometer and the game. There are 3 types of eggs, 10km, 5km, and 2km.

How to Hatch a Pokémon Egg
Eggs and Hatching in Pokémon Go
To hatch an egg, check your Pokémon list and hit the tab labeled “Eggs”. Clicking on the egg will prompt you to put it in an incubator to begin the process of hatching said egg. Note that you only have one incubator to start with, but more can be bought from the Shop, or rewarded for reaching certain levels.

Once in the incubator, you’ll be given an indication of how many more kilometers you must travel in order to hatch the egg. Then its just a matter of going off to explore while your GPS does the work!

Take into consideration that the GPS works in sync with your phone’s pedometer, so you can’t trick it by hopping into a car and driving a few kilometers. Your game must be open and you must walk for that distance to count toward the hatching of your egg. Fast moving vehicles will likely disable the distance traveled.

Most eggs take between two to five kilometers to hatch.

If you want to save on battery power, be sure to enable the Battery Saver in the Settings, and place the phone upside down in your hand or pocket – which will darken the screen and disable most functions aside from tracking your movement, and alerting you to Pokémon or PokéStops.
Eggs and Hatching in Pokémon Go

Hatching an egg will also earn you quite a bit of XP, and lots of Pokémon Candy for that Pokemon.

Potential Pokémon Hatched by Egg Type

According to Bulbapedia, the following Pokémon can be found by hatching eggs for the distances of 2, 5, and 10 kilometers.

Potential Maximum CP of hatched and developed Pokémon for each egg type is listed below from most to least powerful.  CP effects a Pokémon’s effectiveness is Gym battles.


Pokemon Potential Highest CP
Clefairy 1200.96
Bulbasaur 1071.54
Squirtle 1008.69
Charmander 955.24
Jigglypuff 917.64
Pikachu 887.69
Geodude 849.49
Spearow 686.87
Pidgey 679.93
Zubat 642.51
Rattata 581.65
Weedle 449.09
Caterpie 443.52
Magikarp 262.7



Pokemon Potential Highest CP
Kangaskhan 2043.40
Tauros 1844.76
Tangela 1739.72
Porygon 1691.56
Lickitung 1626.82
Ponyta 1513.11
Mr. Mime 1494.42
Growlithe 1335.03
Grimer 1284.02
Farfetch’d 1268.89
Slowpoke 1218.90
Rhyhorn 1182.08
Koffing 1151.79
Oddish 1148.28
Bellsprout 1117.43
Psyduck 1109.56
Seel 1107.03
Exeggcute 1099.81
Machop 1089.59
Drowzee 1075.14
Venonat 1029.39
Cubone 1006.67
Goldeen 965.14
Staryu 937.89
Paras 916.6
Tentacool 905.15
Magnemite 890.68
Mankey 878.67
Nidoran(f) 876.01
Doduo 855.41
Nidoran(m) 843.14
Voltorb 839.73
Vulpix 831.41
Ekans 824.14
Shellder 822.91
Gastly 804.41
Sandshrew 798.76
Poliwag 795.96
Horsea 794.67
Krabby 792.21
Meowth 756.32
Abra 600.44



Pokemon Potential Highest CP
Snorlax 3112.85
Lapras 2980.73
Magmar 2265.30
Aerodactyl 2165.49
Pinsir 2121.87
Electabuzz 2119.17
Scyther 2073.96
Jynx 1716.73
Hitmonchan 1516.51
Hitmonlee 1492.94
Omanyte 1119.77
Kabuto 1104.72
Eevee 1077.20
Dratini 983.47
Onix 857.20
Chansey 675.12








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