Pokémon GO Has Already Made Over $14 Million

Pokemon Go has already made big money, and it’s not even officially out in some parts of the world yet.

Pokémon GO Has Already Made Over $14 Million

Augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go, despite having only released last week, has already generated more than $14 million across all of the mobile platforms it’s available on, digital analyst website SuperData reports.This is a staggering amount, which for comparison sake, is nearly the identical amount of profit that Pokemon Shuffle has managed to generate since its release in August of 2015.

Developed by Niantic for iOS and Android, Pokémon Go encourages players to explore their real world surroundings in order to catch critters using their phone’s camera and then train or battle them with the ultimate goal of becoming a Pokémon Master.

Pokémon GO Has Already Made Over $14 Million
The application seemed to instantly top download lists on both Android and iOS devices, quickly placing itself ahead of many similar titles, including Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, Miitomo, and Ingress. Superdata Research analysts estimate Pokémon Go has earned $14.04 million just four days after launch. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, for reference, brought in $14.03 million over its entire lifespan, which spans 509 days.

“Pokemon Go has gone beyond success to become a phenomenon, topping the revenue grossing charts in the three regions into which it has been launched: the U.S., Australia and New Zealand,” said Deutsche Bank AG Analyst Han Joon Kim.

Pokemon Go’s success is no surprise for analysts. Other analysts suggest Pokemon Go is competing with Twitter in regards to its daily active users – the game is reportedly being used daily on 3 percent of measured smartphones. Following Pokemon Go’s launch, Nintendo’s share prices jumped 10 percent, increasing Nintendo’s market value to $23 million.

However, some are unsure if the success will last. Superdata suggests Pokemon Go is the “equivalent of a summer hit song rather than a revolution in the mobile game monarchy.”

Pokemon GO is out now in select territories for Android and iOS devices.

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